Here are a few ideas for making your own unique basket! Choose a pretty or practical container of about the right size, put some shredded paper in the bottom and fill for an easy and clever gift.   If you are short of time for shopping, you can always order a pre-made basket from one of our online partners.


"Survival" & Other Crazy Kits


Organize everything into a tacklebox for easy storage in the car or closet. Let them know you care. Include bandaids, gauze, antiseptic and antibiotic packets, small bottles of tylenol, aspirin, benedryl.


  • Toothpick: Pick the good qualities in everyone including yourself.
  • Rubberband: Be flexible. Things might not always go the way you want.
  • Band-Aid: To heal hurt feelings, either yours or someone else's.
  • Eraser: Everyone makes mistakes. That's okay, we learn by our mistakes.
  • Candy Kiss: Everyone needs a hug or a compliment everyday.
  • Mint: You are worth a mint to your family and friends.
  • Bubble Gum: Stick with it and you can accomplish anything.
  • Pencil: List your blessings every day.
  • Tea bag: Relax daily and go over your list of blessings.


  • Band-Aid for when you get hooked instead of the fish.
  • Cotton ball for when you're in rough waters.
  • Lifesaver (candy) in case the boat tips over.
  • Paper clip for when you run out of hooks.
  • Skittles in case it rains, you've got your own rainbow.
  • Gummy worms in case you run out of bait.
  • Magic wand to "boat" the big ones that always seem to get away.
  • A gift certificate for pizza in case you don't catch any fish
  • Labels to attach to the fish that say "Objects are larger than they appear."


  • $100 Grand Bar- incase some patients can't pay their bill
  • Butterfingers-so you never have a case of your own
  • Gum-use this to get out of "sticky" situations
  • Starburst-Chew when you have been on call too long and you need a quick "burst of energy
  • Plastic Maze-This will remind you that you are truly "amazing"
  • Fireball- For the times you feel completely "burned out"
  • Rubberband-For when your "patients" are being stretched
  • Snickers- After all--Laughter is the best medicine
  • Tylenol-take 2 and call me in the morning
  • Lifesaver-To remind you that you are a real lifesaver
  • Tissue-for drying tears
  • Coke-Caffeine, Caffeine, CAFFEINE
  • Pacifier-For emergencies (when you need to pacify those that are unhappy)


  • Abacus - for when your calculator wears out
  • Marbles - to replace the ones you will loose
  • Rope - in case you get to the end of yours
  • Penny- to give you extra cents (sense) to know which battles to fight, & which ones to ignore.
  • Magic Wand - for the magician people think you should be
  • Piece of string - to help you "tie-up" those loose ends.
  • A Lifesaver - to keep you from drowning in everyday problems.
  • A lemon drop - to remind you that "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade."
  • A lollipop - to help you lick your problems.
  • A rubber band - to help you to remember to be "flexible" in all things.
  • A Snicker candy bar - to remind you that laughter IS the best medicine.
  • A paper clip - to help you "hold it all together."
  • A stick of gum - to give you that "stick-to-it" attitude.
  • A safety pin - to help you "pin-point" your problems, the better to solve them
  • Get out of Jail Free card - for that tax return you fudged on
  • A mint - so you will always have a fresh outlook .
  • Candle - for when you're burning the midnight oil
  • Battery - to help you keep going and going and going.
  • Candy kiss - to remind you that you are loved by me!


  • Eraser: A reminder that we all make mistakes, but we can wipe the slate clean.
  • Penny: Save this and you will never be broke again.
  • Marble: To keep you rolling along.
  • Rubber Band: To keep you bouncing back and flexible.
  • Candle: To light up the darkness.
  • Tissue: For drying your tears.
  • Toothpick: To pick out the good in others including yourself.
  • Cotton Ball: For the rough roads ahead.
  • Confetti: To add some sparkle to your life.
  • Lifesaver: To remind you of the many times others need your help and you need theirs.
  • Rainbow: A reminder that after every storm comes a rainbow.
  • Paper Clip: To hold everything together when it falls apart.
  • A Hug & Kiss: To remind you that someone cares about you!


  • This kit can be given by the teacher to the students when they return to school for a new year.
  • Cotton Ball ~ to remind you that our classroom is full of kind words and warm comfortable feelings.
  • Chocolate Hug ~ to comfort you when you are feeling sad or alone.
  • Sticker ~ to remind you that this class sticks together and helps each other.
  • Starburst candy ~ to remind you that you are always a star in this class...and everyone shines in his own way.
  • Tissue ~ to remind you to help dry someone's tears.
  • Toothpick ~ to remind you to "pick out" the good things in your classmates and yourself.
  • Ribbon ~ to remind you that friendship ties our hearts together.
  • Eraser ~ to remind you that everyone makes mistakes and this is okay.
  • Life Saver Candy ~ to remind you that you can come to any adult in our school for help.
  • Band Aid ~ to remind you that feelings get hurt easily

Poem for the kit:
Dear Student's name
You are a star in my class (Starburst)
It's ok to make mistakes; that’s how we learn (Eraser)
You are going to learn so much this year (Smarties)
Everyone needs a hug-let me know if you need one (Hersey’s hug)
I’m nuts about having you in my class (Peanut in shell)
From, teacher's signature


  • Lifesavers - in case you fall into the water
  • Skittles - in case it rains, you can provide your own rainbow
  • Cotton ball - to help soften the rough roads
  • Battery - so you can keep going and going and going and going
  • Gum - to remind everyone to stick together
  • Quarter - so you can call for help
  • Sponge - in case it rains to soak it up
  • Fireball - for when you're burnt out
  • Map with your street circled - so you can always find home
  • 2 Kernels of corn - for when you crave a two-piece chicken dinner
  • Chocolate Covered Raisins (Animal Poop) - so you know what not to step in
  • Tums - for after the campfire food
  • Small Empty Bottle - "Instant Water" add water and shake


  • remind you that some days your kids will think you are all wet!
  • replace the ones you use
  • Puzzle remind you that every child is an important part of the team
  • help your team stick together
  • String...for when you get to the end of your rope
  • remind you to be flexible
  • remind you that you are forming young lives
  • Snickers remind you to just laugh at the umpires bad calls
  • Ear Plugs...for when you can't hear yourself think
  • remind you that it's ok to be nutty sometimes
  • Sweet & Sour appreciate the differences in your players
  • remind you that even coaches and umpires make mistakes
  • make every player shine
  • Bubble remind you not to burst any child’s bubble
  • you can teach your team to reach for the sky!


  • First Aid Kit - For All wounds during bike ride
  • Kleenex - For the tears of joy at the finish line
  • Comb - Keep that hair in style
  • Flashlight - Light up your life
  • Cotton Balls - Cushion the blows
  • Eyedrops - Keeps the eyes fresh
  • Erasers - Erases the pain
  • Lip Chap - No cracked lips
  • Bubble Bath - Soak those tired muscles
  • Cologne - Remove the odor of sweat
  • Sweat Bands - Keep the sweat out of your eyes
  • Sun Blocker - NO sunburn
  • Moist Towelette - Keep cool
  • Compass - Never be lost, stay on track
  • Anti fog for glasses


  • Tootsie roll - so you can "roll" down the highway
  • Sponge - to soak up the rain, so you don't have to drive in it
  • Mounds - for the mounds of miles that you drive
  • Marbles - to replace the ones you've lost
  • Gem - to remind you that you are carrying precious cargo
  • Aspirin - take two every day
  • Cotton Ball - to cushion those rough roads
  • Rubberbands - for when your patience is stretched
  • Tums - for all the nervous stomachs
  • Mirror - to remind you how important you are.


  • candle- to remind you to share His light with others
  • rubber band- to remind us to be flexible to God's will for us
  • Life saver- to remind you of the many times others have needed your help and you theirs
  • eraser- God forgives our sins, we must do the same for ourselves and others.
  • cotton ball- to keep our hearts soft to God and others
  • snickers candy bar- to remind you to laugh at yourself- laughter is good medicine
  • hug (the Hershey kiss kind) because we all need one from time to time
  • cross- to remind you of the sacrifice He made because He loves you.


  • Sunscreen to protect you from burning
  • Solarcane to take away your burning
  • Chapstick to protect your beautiful lips
  • Band aids to comfort your boo boo's
  • Ben gay to comfort your tired mussels
  • Throat losenger to comfort your tired throat Power bar to get you through practice
  • Deodorant to keep you smelling oh so pretty
  • Scrunches so we can see your beautiful face
  • Tape to keep it all together
  • Smiley sticker to remind you to smile smile smile
  • STAR to remind you that you are


When it happens, you're friend will be ready to blend in - face paint, fake blood, bag of limbs, plastic axes and knives,


Survival Kits & Packs


  • Hunter Survival Kit - Hunting Gift Basket
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  • Description:The Grill Master is the ideal gift for the barbecue enthusiast in your life. Whether they are a novice or a Grill Master, this exceptional gift arrives with an inviting collection of zesty barbecue sauces and rubs, pasta salad, chips and salsa and everyth
  • Price: $69.95
  • 5 Person Deluxe Home and Office Survival Kit
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  • Description:This modern era is full of uncertainties. No one can predict the occurrence of natural disasters, so it is better to be prepared well in advance with disaster survival kits. Deluxe Home and Office Survival Kit for 5 people is the best option for your secu
  • Price: $134.95
  • Survival Pal Compact Survival Kit
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  • Description:The emergency preparedness industry has designed a disaster survival kit under experts? supervision. This survival kit complies with the instructions and guidelines given by all government and non-profit preparedness organizations.
  • Price: $32.99
  • Long Term Food Storage Essentials Survival Kit
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  • Description:The Long Term Food Storage Essentials Survival Kit contains everything you will need in the event of a natural disaster or emergency all in one easy to carry backpack. This long term food storage kit contains 11 Cook in the Pouch Meals with a total of 44
  • Price: $178.00
  • 10 Person Deluxe Home and Office Survival Kit
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  • Description:10 Person Deluxe Home and Office Survival Kit This 10 person survival kit comes with all you and 10 people will need to weather a natural disaster or emergency for up to 72 hours. This all-in-one survival kit contains everything you will need in an easy
  • Price: $199.99
  • 1 Person Survival Kit Essentials - Survival Bag
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  • Description:The 1 Person Survival Kit Essentials contains everything you will need in the event of a natural disaster or emergency all in one easy to carry hikers backpack. This survival kit contains energy bars, water and water purification tables that have a shelf
  • Price: $38.99
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