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Suggested Gift Basket Fillers:

Colored grass, straw, raffia, fabric, colored, crumpled tissue paper.

Suggested Gift Basket Containers:

Wicker baskets, pails, containers of all kinds, Mason jars with decorative cloth lids, clothing with lots of pockets, upside down hats, tackle boxes, Ladies purse, Crockpot,, Pasta bowl, Tera cotta pot, Large mug, Toy dump truck, Serving tray, Lunch box, Ice cream bucket, large picnic basket, baby bath tub, large salad bowl, medium sized cooler, large casserole dish, cowboy hat, laundry basket, sewing box - basket, large cosmetic bag, backpack, large wok, storage container, gold fish bowl, cookie jar


Specialty-Baskets for Everyone

Specialty-Baskets is your one-stop source for quality gift baskets at affordable prices. Need a gift for a business associate, friend or relative? We offer the best selection unique, hard to find specialty gift baskets of every kind!

If you'd rather make your own gift basket, we give you hundreds of great gift basket ideas on this site including candy-grams, gifts-in-a-jar, and fun "survival" kit ideas.  Building your own basket is a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work so if that's not your idea of fun, we provide links to many companies that are experts at putting together wonderfully unique and beautiful gift ideas.

We offer the most unique gift baskets available from a variety of providers. Our baskets are practical as well as beautiful and feature a wide variety of themed items for any gift giving occasion.

Our top notch basket and novelty suppliers to bring you the best of what they offer.  So come in, look around and have fun.  If you prefer to build your own basket, we offer suggestions for baskets of every gendre you can build yourself. 



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